Modnitsa Atelier is an Image Styling, Jewelry Design and Makeup Artistry Studio located in the heart of NYC. I focus on helping women enhance and polish their outward appearance to elevate their confidence.

What makes Modnitsa Atelier unique is that I take a custom approach to each of my clients, the same way a true clothing Atelier (custom shop) approaches creating a garment. Your personality and lifestyle become the building blocks for your image and style, and I help you translate those elusive elements into what I call a "style formula".

It's not always about starting from scratch. Maybe you want just want a tweak, a new approach to your look to fit your changing lifestyle, or a pop-of color in your wardrobe, especially if you're a quintessential New Yorker with a closet full of black.

"You look good today, I’ll make you look GREAT tomorrow."

I'm truly very passionate about helping you develop a unique & authentic look through a wardrobe that closely reflects your personality, lifestyle and attitude - so you can feel harmonious and happy in the clothes you wear.

We start by choosing the ideal colors to complement your complexion, then edit your wardrobe to only consist of pieces that make it exciting to get dressed every day. After that, the real fun starts — with personal shopping for new pieces to add missing elements to further enhance your look. Importantly, throughout the entire process, you'll learn tips and tricks to becoming a savvier shopper and a more intuitive dresser — confident in the image you project!

I would love to hear from you, and I look forward to sharing in your style development process. Email me at [email protected] and be sure to check out my blog for style inspirations and tips.

Fashionably yours,
Dina, Owner and Chief Image Stylist of Modnitsa Atelier
Dina, Owner and Chief Image Stylist, Modnitsa Atelier
Dina, Owner and Chief Image Stylist at Modnitsa Atelier

What Inspires Me To Do What I Do

I've always believed that I inherited my sense of style, aesthetic and taste from the women in my family. It amazed me how, even with our limited resources when I was growing up, my mom was somehow able to dress my sister and me to look our best. She helped me develop an appreciation for clothing quality and taught me how to properly take care of my wardrobe to extend it's life span. She showed me how to wear the same outfit in so many different ways that no one would notice it's the same, just by changing accessories, hairstyle and shoes.

I am truly inspired by the women who put themselves together well and carry themselves with poise and ease. It always excites me to see how my client's whole attitude towards the world transforms when she sees herself in the mirror, wearing clothes that fit her well and are in her authentic style and color palette. There is nothing more rewarding in my work than seeing that confidence - it truly radiates and lights up the room.

How Modnitsa Atelier Started

After years of working in fashion in different capacities (fashion forecasting, merchandising, jewelry design), and many degrees and certifications in the field (please see more on that below), I decided to start Modnitsa Atelier to bring all my passions under one umbrella and have a structured approach to helping my clients "design their look".

I received my certifications as an Image Consultant from FIT and IRC, and became an Associate Member of AICI {Association of Image Consultants International} with an FLC {first level certification}.

As of 2014, I have been chosen to work with the exclusive American Express Centurion Card Member Program as one of only three NYC Personal Shoppers. I've also been recently named # 1 Image & Wardrobe Consultant in NYC by Thumbtack.

In an effort to bring my clients the freshest and most relevant style and fashion advice, I am always soaking up the inspirations around me. Be sure to read my blog to check out my fashion tips and visit my Pinterest and Facebook pages to stay in touch.

If you would like to learn more about Modnitsa Atelier's Styling, Jewelry, Floral and Makeup services and packages, please email me at [email protected] or visit my contact page.

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