Ring Design Class – Double-Header (120 minutes)


Using a ring mandrel and metal wire, you will learn how to make wire-wrapped rings to fit your size, aesthetic and creativity. You will be making 2 fully wire-wrapped designs from scratch. This class is taught as a 2-hour double header (and is not included in the class packs except the “all inclusive class pass”). The first hour of the class is focused on wrapping one stone; the second hour teaches you how to create a cluster ring design with multiple stones.

Base metal wire (gold or silver colored) will be provided as part of the class price in 24 and 26 gauge. Upgrades are available to Sterling Silver (please see in the shop).

Tools will be provided for use during the class, and a tool kit and ring mandrel can also be pre-ordered or purchased during class to take home.

Stones are not included in the class cost, and there is a vast selection of semi-precious gems, crystals and beads available for purchase during the class, starting at $10 per pack.